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NLP Trainer Stephan Landsiedel

My name is Stephan Landsiedel, I am the founder of Landsiedel NLP Training. I enjoy holding courses, especially focussing on communication, self esteem and personal growth with NLP. As Dipl. psychologist and international NLP-Trainers trainer I have dealt with both theory and practice intensely. In the last 10 years I held over 1.500 courses and I had the priviledge of getting to know and supporting people of all ages, throughout all ranks, with all different kinds of challenges. Due to my extraordinary performance in school I was suggested for and accepted into the scholarship „Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes“. All sorts of people participate in my courses and attend my lectures: boards of directors, students, mothers, hotel managers, sales representatives, moderators, singers, computer scientists, professors, doctors, traditional healers and many more.

NLP Trainer Stephan Landsiedel

I believe that dreams are mightier than facts,
that myth is more convincing than history,
that hope will always triumph over experience,
that laughter is the best medicine and I believe
that love is stronger than death.

NLP trainer (DVNLP, INLPTA, NLP-institute)

  • NLP master trainer International Association NLP-institutes
  • NLP master trainer candidate INLPTA
  • NLP trainer INLPTA
  • NLP business trainer INLPTA
  • NLP Lehr-trainer DVNLP
  • NLP Lehr-Coach DVNLP
  • NLP trainings with the world's best trainers, such as Tony Robbins, Michael Grinder, Wyatt Woodsmall, Klaus Grochowiak, Bert Feustel and others
  • has carried out numerous NLP trainings

Dipl. psychologist with extraordinary final degree

  • major field of study: operating and organisational psychology
  • inor field of study: business administration (business policy, marketing and production management)
  • training for instructing relaxation techniques: autogenic training
  • scholarship „Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes“???this scholarship is Germany's most significant and politically, confessionally and ideologically independent.

Memberships in Organizations

  • member of the Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologen
  • member of Deutscher Verband für Neurolinguistisches Programmieren
  • member of International NLP trainer Association
  • member of NLP network Bavaria e.V.
  • member of marketing club Main-Franken

Additional Qualifications

  • spiral dynamics, level I + II + III
  • course instructor for relaxation techniques: autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation
  • kinesiology: touch for health
  • training in communication and bodywork therapy
  • reiki (second degree, master initiation)
  • tai chi
  • numerous seminars and courses