NLP in London

You always searched for an opportunity to increase your communication skills and enhance your personal growth, but you didn´t find the right trainings for your needs in London?

NLP -Neuro Linguistic Programming might be the solution.

Landsiedel NLP Training offers you many different trainings right in the heart of London! All of our trainings follow international NLP associations guidelines. With our NLP-Trainings we want to help people to enhance their lives and invite you to be part of it! You can start with NLP in a week in London. This is the perfect way to enter the world of NLP for the first time. This seminar shows you that NLP is an instrument, to improve your life in many ways. For only 435 £ our NLP-Trainer Ray Wilkins will introduce you to an effective, thought provoking and mind changing tool! This price is an incredible offer. Normally a full week training of this kind costs a lot more!

If you are interested in further NLP training, in London we can offer the right options for you. Consecutive trainings such as NLP-Practitioner, NLP-Master, NLP-Trainer or NLP-Coach are coming soon.

Our Master-Trainer Ray Wilkins has over 30 years of experience in training NLP with further qualifications in psychotherapy and as a practitioner of natural medicine. He is an Australian who lived in London for some years, so he knows the city and its people´s preferences. Ray combines the best possible NLP-Training with great supervision so you receive high quality training. London being our first British location, Ray is very excited to start a new chapter in his NLP-Training career.

NLP in a week in London! Be part of it!

NLP in week in London is a unique opportunity for you to experience a week full of fun and specially selected NLP content that will enhance your life in several ways. In Germany NLP in a week is a great success. This October we will offer this seminar in Great Britain for the first time!

NLP in a week is ideal for people who want to learn more about the great potential of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. It is a great way to enter the new world of NLP for the first time! You will see what kind of possibilities arise that can enhance your life for ever. One great feature of this week seminar in London is that it presents the best modules of NLP selected from many different trainings. You can experience all of it within just one week in the great city of London.

With NLP in a week you can learn, practice and laugh in a group of people with diverging backgrounds. This seminar in London is not only a powerful tool for personal growth and better understanding of communication but also an investment in your future! Take this chance and sign in for NLP in a week!

From 26th October to 1st November 2015 Ray Wilkins will offer our first NLP in a week in:
The Tomlinson Centre
Queensbridge Road
London E8 3ND

Ray is excited about getting to know you! NLP in a Week