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NLP Master Practitioner

What is an NLP Master Practitioner?

An NLP Master Practitioner has intensively studied NLP and uses NLP as a tool to shape his own life. He respects his highest values and develops his personality in an ecological way.

NLP Master Practitioner Training

For most participants the NLP Practitoner Master training is even more valuable than the Practitioner training. It is as if the caterpillar, which has started to transform into a butterfly in the Practitioner, finally starts to fly over colourful flower meadows and enjoy its life.

You will experience a series of adventures and change your perspective more than once. Look forward to some of the most exciting and valuable days of your life. Open yourself up and design your future. Become the shaper of your life.

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Prerequisite for participation in the NLP Master Practitioner training is a completed NLP Practitioner. This certificate should be available to us before the start of the training as a copy or as a file, please send us a copy of your certificate.

If your practitioner was not IN trained, we can, under certain conditions, carry out a post-certification. In this case please contact us. If you participate without a regular Practitioner certificate, you cannot receive an IN Master Practitioner certificate. In individual cases, however, it may be useful to take part in the training anyway.

Which topics and content does the training cover?

In the NLP Master Practitioner Training, besides learning many newer NLP formats, the main aim is to be able to use the techniques from the Practitioner Training in a goal-oriented and independent way. Here it is practised to see solutions for given problems on the customer or client side with the help of already known tools.

Now it is all about making NLP a part of your life and applying it daily. Start every morning full of motivation because you are on your way to live the life you really want to live. Realise your values and visions. Many new NLP techniques are waiting for you. Through the Practitioner Master theses and supervision lessons you will experience a lot of practical transfer. You will probably notice that you have just begun to discover the many possibilities NLP offers you.

Get to know yourself deeper and understand yourself better than before. Discover your identity, your values and your beliefs.

  • Meta Programs: Meta-programs are person-specific perception filters which, in their behaviour become visible to a person. They process, shape and design the information from the Outside world, which we allow to get inside. Learn these programmes from To recognise and use you and others. In this way you will expand your abilities, to assess other people and to make a report.
  • Sleight of Mouth Pattern: This is more than just training in repartee. With the help of short, With the help of pointed idioms you can powerfully reframe limiting beliefs. The Sleight of Mouth patterns can be used specifically in everyday life. Often no special settings are required. You learn very concrete possibilities of reframing.
  • Modeling: Learn how to achieve maximum human performance at an advanced level reproduced. With this block the circle of NLP beginnings up to today's applications is closed. Learn to find out the patterns of successful people and how to create a new way of working for yourself and others. to make it usable.
  • Work with Dogmas: Blocks to success are all too often within ourselves. Sometimes they are completely unconscious to us, but often they also appear in the form of sentences that is what we think about when we start a project or get an order. These are beliefs such as "I am too young/old. I have no money. I do not have enough Education/experience. I do not have good relations. I come from humble beginnings." etc. Our beliefs form the backbone of our reality constructions. Learn in this block, what influence these sentences have on your life, how they were created and how you can change them for yourself and others. Train yourself more useful to create dogmas.
  • Work with Values and Lifestyles: values like freedom, love, honesty or success are our inner motivators. They ultimately determine and guide our actions. It is because of them that wars are fought, horrible torments endured and people destroyed. In this block you will learn how values are created, how you can define your personal hierarchy of values and how to can find out. You deal with your conflicts of values and rules of life and you train it, in a conversation the values and rules of life of your partner or colleagues out. If you act in accordance with your values, you will feel a new strong energy within you.
  • Core Transformation: In the core-transformation process, behaviour, feelings and reactions that you like least about yourself. Then they become used to take you with your help on an amazing healing and uplifting inner journey to go into the depths of being. In other words: this method enables states which is why other people spend years sitting and meditating on mountains.
  • Diamond Technique: This technique is suitable for therapeutic assistance, for Coaching as well as for consulting situations and for everyday life. With this technique Problems not only solved, but literally solved. That succeeds, by changing the background construction itself, into which the problem and the respective solution were embedded up to now. The results are often astonishingly fast changes, which are both profound and sustainable.
  • Spiral Dynamics / Graves Levels: This model represents a far-reaching theory on human development. Our different world views, our beliefs, even our identity is represented by eight "memes" or value systems, which are based on both individuals can be applied to whole crops. Get to know the different value systems and use it for your personal development or even in systemic contexts.
  • Advanced Hypnosis Techniques: Advanced methods of hypnosis trained. Refine your trance induction skills. Learn some exciting know trance phenomena and suggestibility tests Use trance elements in everyday communication processes, such as in sales and management situations, or even in dealing with partner and family. The possibilities and forms of application of the self-hypnosis.
NLP Master Practitioner

What does the Master Practitioner Training offer?

  • Internationally recognised final certification
  • First-class clear and comprehensive participant documentation
  • Continuous training over a longer period of time
  • Missed seminar dates can be made up in all Master Practitioner training groups of Landsiedel NLP Training throughout Germany or at the same location in the next cycle.
  • Continuing series of courses that build on each other. In the case of several individual courses there are often unintentional overlaps in content. Here, repetitions can each illustrate a new perspective and therefore have a more enriching and deepening effect.
  • Learning with motivated like-minded people
  • You learn from different positions: as an observer, as a worker, as an executor
  • Your work on your own personality runs practically the whole time with you
  • Training designed according to modern didactic aspects
  • Contents for the right and left hemisphere of the brain through lectures, metaphors, exercises, adventure games and tasks
  • Varying exercises, lectures and demonstrations
  • Targeted bibliographical references for further reading and in-depth study
  • Voluntary exercises and sheets of paper allow the practical consolidation of what has been learned.
  • inclusion in the peer group address file to regularly find training partners and like-minded people
  • You learn a tool that can be used in a wide variety of areas - e.g. therapy, business, education, sales, counselling, teaching, relationships, rhetoric or sports. With it you train practically for your professional and private life at once.

What our customers say:

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"The Practitioner Master Training was very impressive! Not only the group was easy to handle, but also the training contents were very interesting. I can fully recommend the training, especially at Landsiedel NLP Training, who lives NLP!
- Heiko Brand
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"The Practitioner Master Training was the perfect continuation from the practitioner. Intensifying, challenging and encouraging. The Practitoner Master course is highly recommended. Thank you for the wonderful time!"
- Audrey Bear
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"According to the practitioner, the training to become an NLP Practitoner Master is the logical step and has brought me enormously forward in my personal development. I am happy and grateful that I have been given this opportunity and can benefit from it in the long term. Keep it up!"
- Anika Torlümke
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"Thanks to the Practitoner Master's training, I have really understood NLP and now I have a valuable treasure of methods within me. I have learned a lot about myself. Great group dynamics and a first-class trainer."
- Oliver Schweizer


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