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NLP Training to become a Practitioner, Master, Coach and Trainer

Through our NLP trainings as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Trainer or NLP Coach according to international guidelines you can accelerate your personality development enormously and increase your coaching skills. Neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological method that enables people to make many things in their lives easier and better.

Through NLP training at our online training institute you can learn to develop yourself further, optimise your communication, achieve your goals and thus change the quality of your life in a very positive way. In our NLP training you will get to know NLP at the highest level at low prices in a circle of 12-18 like-minded people (in some courses there can be more participants).

All our courses take place internationally and online!

Your Advantages with us

  • With us you can attend international high quality online courses and online training courses at amazingly low prices.
  • We offer online courses at such low prices because we want to make them accessible to everyone.
  • All in all we have so far organised two thousand seminar days with Landsiedel NLP Training GER at 25 locations in Germany as well as in Austria, Switzerland and other countries.
  • Pleasant atmosphere and small groups (usually between 12 and 18 participants).
  • We certify our NLP trainings as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Trainer and NLP Coach according to the guidelines of international associations.


Evan Bortnick

Evan Bortnick

One of our NLP trainers is Evan Bortnick. As NLP Teaching Trainer (DVNLP) he lives one to one according to the Landsiedel-NLP life motto: "Lifelong Learning! He has been studying and teaching NLP himself for more than 3 decades. Already during his career as an international opera soloist, the New Yorker studied constantly: functional vocal pedagogy, cranio-sacral work, psychological astrology - work with archetypes, family constellation system coaching, human design, yoga, meditation, to name a few. Also in the spirit of NLP, Evan always finds creative and playful ways to combine his various passions in coaching and courses for his clients and participants. For this reason he is booked for courses in voice coaching, presentation, mental training, performance training and leadership training at universities, training centres, institutes and companies.

Ray Wilkins

Ray Wilkins

Ray Wilkins has more than 35 years of experience in NLP and clinical hypnosis. Together with his partner Cordula Ehms he runs the People and Art Factory - a centre for personal growth and art near Bonn, Germany. Ray has been coaching individuals and companies for 30 years. He is also a specialist in psychological causes of illness and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He believes that feelings and emotions are the way to self-healing and health.

NLP Training System


NLP Practitioner Training

In the NLP Practitioner training you will learn the basics of neurolinguistic programming and how to apply them. This NLP training is ideal for people who want to develop themselves both privately and professionally. Most participants use the NLP Practitioner training mainly to do something for themselves and their personal development. When registering for an NLP training, professional reasons are usually the first priority. But you will be successful in your career above all when you become a successful personality.

The NLP-Practitioner seminar takes at least 18 days and takes place online in different time variations. Some courses only take place on weekends, other courses start on Thursdays and run until Sunday (5 times 4 days). Other courses start on Friday evenings or take place on 18 or 20 days in a row as holiday compact courses. This variety gives you the opportunity to find a training format that suits your professional and family commitments.

You can expect small group exercises, demonstrations, individual exercises, reflections, group trances, interactive lectures, and much more.

In the NLP training to become a NLP Practitioner you learn how to develop and use your potential, how to improve your learning and creativity strategies decisively. The NLP Practitioner training teaches you how you can change into energetic and self-confident states within seconds, how to overcome blockages and thus increase the quality of your life. You will gain deep insights into profound coaching methods.

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NLP Master Training

In the NLP Master training you deepen and integrate the contents of the NLP Practitioner training. At the same time you will get to know some new NLP elements and models in the NLP Master training, which will deepen your NLP knowledge. After completion of the NLP Master training you know all important NLP formats and have gained extensive experience with them. Through your participation in our NLP training to become an NLP Master you will automatically receive 15 group supervision hours for free, which will be conducted in small groups by different trainers during the training days. The NLP Master training is an important and valuable extension for all NLP-Practitioner graduates. On the way to becoming a trainer, the NLP Master training is mandatory. The NLP Master training lasts at least 18 days and, like our Practitioner training, takes place online and in many different time variations.

NLP Coach Training

Coaching as a development-oriented accompaniment of individuals and groups can draw on different structures and methods. Our aim in this NLP training to become an NLP coach is to make the principles of the most important and most effective individual procedures in coaching available to you and to create an integration of these approaches to a comprehensive, holistic system of order as well as to a new level of competence. Our experienced teaching coaches will support you in this process. In the training as an NLP coach we use advanced models of NLP, systemic short-term therapy, working with constellations, kinesiology and neurology.

The prerequisite for this NLP training to become an NLP Coach is a completed NLP Practitioner training. According to the guidelines, the minimum duration for the NLP training to become a coach is 130 hours on at least 18 days plus 40 hours of personal experience in coaching and 15 hours of supervision by an NLP teacher trainer. An already completed NLP Master training entitles the holder to receive the Master Coach certificate.

For the successful completion of the Coach Training in Neurolinguistic Programming, a final thesis is required, which is divided into four topics:

  • Personal profile as a coach
  • Own coaching concept
  • Three coaching case documentations
  • Feedback from the trainers and final testing

NLP Trainer Training

In the NLP training to become an NLP trainer you will get all necessary skills and knowledge to conduct NLP trainings yourself. Your NLP know-how is tested both theoretically and practically. In addition, the assistance of practitioner and master training groups is an integral part of the NLP Trainer training.

This NLP training to become a trainer in neuro-linguistic programming is about developing and growing your own congruence and authenticity. It is about becoming a living example of what you teach. It is also about being an NLP trainer, applying NLP at the highest level, expanding your pedagogical and communicative skills, developing a respect for yourself and other people and their model.

  • Integrating the basics and basic assumptions of NLP into your own life
  • Consolidation of all NLP modules in theory and practice through application to the training context
  • Trainer profile and trainer marketing
  • Work on the trainer personality
  • On-Stage and Performance Training
  • Utilisation and control of group processes