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NLP learning with online courses

Learning NLP online
NLP online learning (iStock: © fizkes)

NLP is super easy to learn online with us. Our offer ranges from free online courses, to low-cost online courses, to a whole NLP online training.

At the live courses, participants from a wide range of fields exchange ideas and make contacts in our network.

Digitalisation makes it possible for time and place boundaries to be overcome. Thanks to networking, the trainer and the participants do not have to be in the same place. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know our trainers and their teaching offers better. All that is needed is an internet connection and access data. Online course documents and additional material are made available by the instructor for download.

Your advantages:

  • Simple online registration
  • Participation in courses from the comfort of your own home
  • Save travel costs
  • International networking with students, co-trainers and trainers
  • Participation in other fascinating online courses
  • Learn how YOU learn: ONLINE
  • Improve YOUR personal power, presence and confidence
  • Discovering your own Introvert-Extrovert mix is much easier online
  • Learn new digital techniques online as they develop for the enhancment of your career

Here you will find an overview of our offer:

Learn NLP online for free

NLP online free
NLP online learning (iStock: © fizkes)

You would like to participate in our events and trainings from home? No problem. We offer everything online - from free NLP courses, the NLP experience weekend and a complete NLP training. Our goal is that many people can get to know these valuable tools and use them for the benefit of all people.

Make your life a masterpiece!

On this page you can get an overview of our online offers. During the training the online participants can exchange experiences with two co-trainers. Small group work takes place in virtual rooms. The entire training is recorded and made available to the participants. With our interactive offers you only need an internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. Further highlights are our free live online courses. There you will get an insight into various topics such as NLP, "Successful communication" and "Live your dream But we also have a lot more to offer!

NLP E-Books

A large number of free e-books to download

NLP E-Book Collection
book (Unsplash: © hannah grace)

Our NLP e-books, suitable for NLP beginners and professionals, deal with a wide range of topics. Download the books as PDF. Develop yourself further.

  • A large selection
  • Discover the NLP world
  • Learn more about the application of NLP techniques.

NLP online courses

Exercises directly at home

NLP E-Book Collection
Online evening courses (iStock: © Andrew Neel)

We invite you to a free NLP course.

The topics:

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Successful communication with NLP
  • Live your dream

NLP Experience Weekend

The NLP online course with Evan Bortnick

NLP E-Book Collection

You want to get to know NLP and some techniques better? How about an online experience weekend under the guidance of Evan Bortnick? There you will learn within two days how to change beliefs, how to use the Walt Disney strategy to achieve your goals and dreams, how to become more self-confident and how to put yourself into resourceful states at any time. Implement the techniques directly in your everyday life.

  • Learn about different NLP techniques!
  • Find your personal limits and exceed them!