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NLP Courses

Evening Seminars

Our evening seminars let you experience what NLP can do for you and your relationship with others. "Live your Dream!" and "Successful Communication" are the two topics they focus on. The admission to our evening seminars is free.

NLP Diploma Zürich

This four day seminar is designed to give you a first deep impression and fundamentals of NLP with many opportunities to implement the learned content. You receive a certification issued form the internationally known INLPTA.

NLP in a Week

NLP in a week is an intensive seven day program with the basics of NLP as well as some new evolvements. It provides you with an insight into the NLP change processes for personal growth at very low costs. Experience here what NLP can do for you!

NLP Practitioner Training

The NLP Practitioner Training is the first training stage in neuro-linguistic programming with all the basic techniques and a solid theoretical background. It supports you in developing your personal abilities and reaching your goals in a 18-20 day training.

NLP Course

An NLP Course offers you numerous possibilities for both profound self-development and optimized communication. During an NLP course you will find yourself not only communicating more precisely with people but also coming strongly in contact with your own visions, wishes, goals and most importantly, personal resources. What you learn here has repercussions in your daily life, both professional and private.

NLP courses are something special. You learn practical, applicable tools and techniques for yourself and those close to you. You learn to optimize your own learning strategies, how to establish satisfying habits and how to playfully negotiate the sailboat of your life through even the roughest waters. Another significant advantage, not to be underestimated, is the fact that your NLP course is, quite simply: FUN! It is a true investment in your own sense of joy, success and achievement.

In NLP courses you will find leaders, teachers, doctors, social-workers, housewives-(and husbands), students and artists etc. etc. In other words, there is no sector of the population which does not benefit in profound ways from an encounter with NLP. There is no human endeavor which cannot be optimized by an NLP course. Because of this, NLP is constantly evolving. Through its contact with so many branches and cultures, NLP itself evolves and expands. This flexibility is to YOUR advantage!

NLP Course Certification

In order to achieve certification in an NLP course there are certain requirements. Numerous NLP organizations have been created and are maintained to assure the highest quality in this certification process. When choosing which NLP course is right for you, it is important to understand this certification procedure. There are courses which offer NLP without certification and it is important to make this clear before registering. Courses like NLP In A Week, for example, offer a lively glimpse into NLPs power without certification. In the NLP Practitioner Training, the next level, you learn first-hand, from numerous perspectives, the details and formats of NLP on the most basic level. You learn your own habits, internal and external, as attitude and as behavior, and how you can optimally modify these. You learn to regulate your internal states, your own "inner weather" in ways which YOU determine, not your environment. Plus, you learn to influence others and to optimize your own communication in truly life-changing ways. In the following NLP Master Training, you learn NLP techniques on a deeper level along with more advanced techniques built on what you've learned in the NLP Practitioner Training.

When you've achieved certification as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master, you are equipped to enroll in the NLP Trainer Course. This course is for those who are so competent in, and so passionate about NLP, that they desire to teach its power to others.

Another NLP course route you may choose is the NLP Coach Course. Here you learn to use NLP techniques targeted specifically towards coaching clients privately and in business contexts. The minimum requirement for this route is the NLP Practitioner Course.


A traditional NLP Course is taken with a group in a brick-and-mortar building. With the advent of the internet, however, there are now numerous exciting opportunities to study NLP in a virtual environment. This NLP Online Course of study and E-Mail-Training contains much of what makes NLP great. In the privacy of your own home, you can learn and practice some of the more viable NLP methods. In NLP online Courses, through webinars, podcasts, texts and videos you encounter a diverse collection of learning tools to super-charge your self-development and communication.

Use this opportunity, either in an NLP course with a group, or in the privacy of your own home to get to know the true power of NLP. Learn now how NLP can enrich YOUR life and bring you ever closer to your own goals and your own potential.