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Trainer, Speaker, Coach: Our NLP Trainer is Evan Bortnick. As NLP Teaching Trainer (DVNLP) he lives one to one according to the Landsiedel-NLP life motto: "Lifelong Learning! He has been studying and teaching NLP himself for more than 3 decades. Already during his career as an international opera soloist, the New York-born New Yorker continued to study: functional voice pedagogy, cranio-sacral work, psychological astrology - work with archetypes, family constellation system coaching, human design, yoga, meditation, to name but a few. Also in the spirit of NLP, Evan always finds creative and playful ways to combine his various passions in coaching and courses for his clients and participants. For this reason he is booked for courses in voice coaching, presentation, mental training, performance training and leadership training at universities, training centers, as well as institutes and companies.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Performance – Oberlin Conservatory of Music
  • Performance Training – Houston Opera Studio – Rice University
  • NLP-Lehrtrainer, DVNLP
  • Supervisor Functional Voice Training
  • Certificate Cranio-Sacral Work according to Bio-Energetic Principle
  • Diploma Psychological Astrology
  • system coach, family position

Professional Experience:

  • 35 years international tenor soloist
  • Train the Trainer – Landsiedel NLP Training
  • Head of the Vocal Pedagogy Department at the Franz-Liszt University Weimar
  • Lecturer Speech Training/Voice Academy for Music Mainz
  • NLP trainers: CNLPA-Wiesbaden, AlexanderTraining-Munich, NLP Institute Vienna
  • Lecturer Performance Training/Mental Training – Bauhaus University Weimar
  • Lecturer presentation technology – H.S. RheinMain
  • Dean of Advanced Training – Online College of Astrology
  • Lecturer – Akademie der Darstellenden Künste - Mainz
  • Head of Musa-Vocalis Wiesbaden Academy of the Vocal Muse
  • Head of VIP (Vocal Impact Potential)

Companies that employ Evan Bortnick:

European Business School, Hessisches Kultusministerium; University: Weimar, Mainz, Osnabrück; FH: Mainz, Rhein-Main; Juwi International GmbH, Creative NLP Academy – Wiesbaden, GameForge AG, Lufthansa AirPlus, Alexander Training – München, BC-Development (Institute for Creative Leadership Management), SEF-Stadtentwässerung-Frankfurt a.M., NLP Akademie Wien, Arts and Communication – Toronto, Targa Communications – Frankfurt, HeartWork-Hamburg, Academy of the Performing Arts – Mainz

About the person:

  • Born in 1954
  • Married for 32 years, a proud father of a 26-year-old NLP Master and fitness freak daughter
  • Hobbies: PeopleWatching, photography, yoga, meditation, jazz, piano, haute cuisine, thelemic magic, high-performance fitness, graceful/vital aging


  • Gnoti Sauton: Recognize yourself!
  • Epimeleia Heoutou: Be the Master of YOUR Inner Life
  • Eudaimonia: Ecstatic Living, Human Flourishing

Who I am:

"I am an adventurer in search of personal fulfillment, however it may be presented and shaped TODAY. I am a discoverer of the infinite possibilities to share this fulfillment so that others can find it too."