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Tony Robbins

Anthony Robbins or also Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins
  • Born 1960 in California
  • Motivation trainer
  • Author of many audio programmes

Who is Tony Robbins?

Anthony Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavorick on 29 February 1960. He grew up in Azusa, California.

When he was seven years old, his parents were divorced. Tony took the surname of his second stepfather, Jim Robbins.

According to his own statement, he learned NLP from John Grinder.

Anthony Robbins is one of the leading authorities in the US on the use of psychology to achieve excellence and personal, business and organizational change - an identity he has built through his constant ability to help individuals and organizations achieve measurable results.

He is one of the greatest and most influential figures of this generation.

Robbins is the author of three books that have been translated into 14 languages worldwide: 'Unlimited Energy', 'The Robbins Power Principle' and 'Success Steps Based on the Power Principle'. He has produced the best-selling personal development audio programme of all time, 'Personal Power', which has sold 25 million copies. By applying the knowledge he has gained both from his own experience and from working with people from all walks of life, Robbins has developed a range of books, cassettes, courses, multimedia programmes and training systems. Anthony Robbins holds more than 80 days of courses annually in eight countries worldwide. He is an expert in preparing complex strategies in such a way that they can be used immediately by literally everyone to improve the quality of life.

Tony Robbins Committed to 'Constant And Never-ending Improvement', CANI Anthony Robbins is an entrepreneur and founder of nine different companies. These vary from medical companies to a resort on the Fiji Islands.

Robbins also established a social institution, the Anthony Robbins Foundation, which now provides food for more than 125,000 people in 65 cities in the USA and Canada every year at Thanksgiving.