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NLP Practitioner

What is an NLP Practitioner?

An NLP Practitioner has learned in a certified training to dramatically improve communication with themself and others. They have learned how to develop and use their own potential and how to successfully apply learning and creativity strategies. Within seconds they can bring theirself and their clients into energetic and self-confident states, overcome blockages and thus increase the quality of life. As an NLP Practitioner you master the NLP basics.

What does NLP mean?

NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming and was developed in the USA in the seventies as a communications and motivations model. It was developed by the linguists John Grinder and Bandler thorough analyses of highly successful psychotherapists. In its current status NLP can be applied not only in therapeutic contexts but also in nearly any other field such as leadership, therapy, sports, health, rhetorics, partnership, education, sales management.

What is NLP good for?

NLP offers a variety of methods to make your feelings, behaviour and thought patterns conscious and to develop them further in a goal-oriented and constructive way. NLP also offers many possibilities to discover and develop personal strengths and abilities.

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What do I get out of NLP Practitioner training?

In the NLP Practitioner Training you will learn the basic techniques of NLP, which consists of theoretical background as well as applied practice. The over all goal is, while utilizing the methods in a responsible and creative way, the promotion of communicational skills in professional and personal life.

This training will teach you how to dramatically improve the communication with yourself and other people. You will learn how to reach goals, how to unfold and utilize your potential very quickly, how to improve your strategies of learning and creativity, how to change into energetic and confident states, how to overcome a blockade and with all that, to boost the quality of your life in all areas.

NLP offers numerous methods to become aware of emotions and behavioural and mental patterns. With the help of NLP you can develop this awareness constructively in order to reach goals. Furthermore you will discover many ways to develop your personal abilities and strengths.

You will exercise the techniques of NLP with a partner during the training and you can use your own unwanted behavioral patterns or perceptions. And that is how this training will support your own personal development and growth. Nevertheless the training is not meant as a substitute for therapy.

The aim is to teach you methods and strategies to improve your quality of life. NLP is used in almost every area of life - leadership, therapy, sports, health, rhetoric, partnership, education, sales. After successful completion of the training you will receive the recognised Practitioner certificate from the International Association of NLP-Institutes (IN).

Advantages of the training:

  • Build and use a good relationship with friends, colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Increasing attention and improving the perception of body language.
  • Expansion of the repertoire of thinking, feeling and acting.
  • Developing a driving vision for one's own life and the company and implementing it step by step.
  • Leading successful negotiation and conflict talks.
  • To use the instrument of target agreement profitably.
  • Being able to control one's own conditions and change them in a fraction of a second.
  • Entering into a continuous and never-ending improvement process.
  • Elegant handling of hypnotic speech patterns in everyday life and in creating trances and fantasy journeys.
  • Learning and applying strategies and recipes for success of successful people.

Don't dream your life, live your dream!

NLP Special Edition

Did you know that before a person turns 18, they hear negative suggestions like "You won't make it!", "You can't do that!", "That's not for you!" or "You're not big enough for this!"over 150.000 times, as according to Harvard University.

It's no surprise then that most people decide to live a life which is way too narrow in self-limitation and that they never end up reaching their true potential. Less than one percent of all people manage to utilize their natural potential.

Most people don't believe in their possibilities and therefore are not able to life successful lives. Every tree, every plant in nature has the mission to grow and flourish. So why should men not grow, develop, and thrive? And this not only for 20 years, but for their whole lifetime? A sound practitioner training is a great chance to do so. In this training you will develop your personality and optimize your communication skills. I have dedicated my life to help people discovering their potential, develop and utilize it in order to support the welfare of their fellow men.

This world does not need less, but more people who take fate in their own hands, who lead their lives with enthusiasm and passion and who makes their dream come alive. Don't wait for your dreams to come true by chance, approach them positively. It's the time to live the life you really want to live. It's the time to get your life going, to gain happiness. This is your challenge. Accept it. I hereby invite you to the adventure of NLP.

Sincerely yours,
Stephan Landsiedel

Information overview

  • Basic training - attend training without NLP previous knowledge and requirements!
  • First level in NLP training
  • Basics of NLP for personal development and improvement of communication skills
  • For participation, detailed accompanying documents for training
  • After successful completion, official Practitioner Certificate of the IN
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National and international certification

On successful completion of one of our NLP trainings, we award two certificates in a nice certificate folder:

  • IN - International Association of NLP Institutes
  • LNLPT - Landsiedel NLP Training

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Which topics and content does the training cover?

Perception: A sharpened perception is a prerequisite for successful communication. Only those who see what their own words and body language trigger can react accordingly and act as needed. This is why this training programme starts with a series of perception exercises, which will be trained in greater depth in the other seminar modules. Keywords: Training of one's own perception during communication with others, increased attention to body language and voice qualities, differences between interpretation and sensory language, concept of calibration, observing and using body language in a targeted manner, giving and receiving feedback

Pacing and Leading: Masters of communication meet an interlocutor in his experience of the world and are able to guide him on this basis. Learn the art of establishing deep trusting contact and leading the conversation through verbal and non-verbal communication.
Keywords: Report producing by the concept of mirroring, pacing the mood, pacing statements, pacing body language, taking over the lead, interrupting the report, active listening

Activate resources: Our emotional states determine our life. The ability to adapt our emotional states to the requirements of a situation not only helps us to be more successful but also to enjoy life more. Whoever also has the ability to change the emotional states of other people to a high degree, will be gladly visited by customers, employees and partners.
Keywords: Using existing resources to put the interlocutor and your own team into positive states - Building a positive group atmosphere and making it available at any time - Changing your own physiology as an elegant method to change your own states - Dissolving depressions, blockades and stucco states in customer and employee meetings - Implementing the So-Tun-Als-Ob principle - Developing power through your body

Anchoring: Facilitate your everyday life with the knowledge and skills of our natural conditioning mechanisms. Learn to create the beneficial emotional reactions in a targeted manner and to dissolve restrictive ones whenever you want to.
Keywords: Anchoring: theory, definition, approach, specifics, identification of existing anchors, setting anchors, disempowering negative anchors, chaining and stacking anchors, using hidden anchors in sales and staff interviews, Moment of Excellence exercise, anchors for speakers and salespeople

Metamodel of Language: Become aware of the magic of your language It is not only the basis for clear communication, but also for fast, targeted change. With this NLP-technique you will acquire one of the leading language tools of our time. Become a master of the spoken language. Keywords: Four simple facts about our perception, perception filter, basic information processing, recovery of lost information, transformation model: crash course, speech pattern of the meta-model, erasure, generalization, distortion, listening to examples of use and constructing it yourself, what does happiness mean?, problem and goal definition, wish staircase, future pace, future pace in sales

Representation System: Dive into the sensory world of your interlocutors to achieve deeper understanding and to be understood. This "sensual awareness" opens up undreamt-of levels of communication for you. Keywords: Introduction to representation system, the different senses, language and sensory system, using the knowledge of the representation system to deepen the report - using minimal clues (e.g. breathing, speech rate, tonality) to recognise how the customer or employee processes information and finds access to their inner resources, introduction to mini-strategies, eye-accessing cues: Explanation and application e.g. in sales talks, sales strategies for VAK customers (role play), history and basics of NLP

Hypnotic Speech Patterns: Open the doors to your unconscious potential by learning to know and use the Milton model of language. Hypnotic speech patterns allow you access to trance states, and thus to levels of consciousness that are otherwise closed to you.
Keywords: prejudices and objections against hypnosis, why learn hypnosis, explanation of terms hypnosis, trance, history of hypnosis, aims of Erickson, hypnosis principles, first exercises, speech patterns of the Milton model, hints for trance induction and ending a trance, construction of metaphors, reciting metaphors, exercises

Reframing: The ability to illuminate a behaviour or situation from different perspectives makes our mind free and agile. Train the ability to see meaning in a flexible way and thereby considerably increase the possibilities of choice.
Keywords: definition of reframing, types of reframing: context and meaning reframing, examples of exercises, joke trance, separation of intention and behaviour, parts model in NLP, parts party, six-step reframing, negotiation between parts, objection handling by means of reframing, agrrement-Frame

Submodalities: Discover the "programming language" of subjective experience with this groundbreaking NLP technique. This top-class tool enables you to quickly and specifically influence your emotional life.
Keywords: Verbal indicators of submodalities (SM), checklist of possible SM, exercises on SM, elaboration of critical SM, contrast method, sending resources, destruction of inner images and sounds, praline patterns: building a strong motivation for unloved things, changing beliefs, fear opponents, swish-technique, phobia-technique

Strategies: Behind human behaviour lie strategies that control and steer it. NLP has developed methods to learn and teach you the strategies of experts (e.g. the creativity strategy of Walt Disney). In this way, for example, creativity, flexibility, motivation and decision-making processes can be optimised.
Keywords: What are strategies, Walt Disney strategy, The TOTE model, NLP notation, eliciting a strategy, conditions of well-formedness of strategies, spelling strategy, flexibility strategy, love strategy, utility of strategies, design of a strategy, streamlining of strategies, redesign of a strategy, installing a strategy, interrupting strategies, application possibilities

Perception Positions: Often we are caught in our own view of things. Learn to become flexible, to look at yourself from the outside and thereby gain completely new ways of dealing with stressful situations.
Keywords Perceptual positions, position 1-2-3, integration of the perceptual positions, neurological levels, determination of goals by the neurological levels

Lifetime Work: Use your timeline to systematically plan your goals and gain clarity for your future by incorporating your personal experiences in the past.
Keywords: basics of timeline work, eliciting the timeline, different types of timelines, spatial configuration of the timeline, language patterns, idioms, submodalities of time, elimination of dents and holes, design criteria, tempting future, time-line reframing, re-imprinting

Well-Formed Goals: Define your goals clearly and well-formed according to the NLP criteria for goals Realise more and more the life you really want to live.

What our customers say:

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The contents of the NLP Practitioner have exceeded my expectations by far, regarding its usefulness and practical applicability in everyday life as well as in coaching. In the 6 years that I have been involved in personality development and performance enhancement, I have never been able to achieve such rapid and profound developments as through this course. In a playful and competent way the contents are made immediately understandable and applicable for everyone. Both in terms of content and didactics at a very high level.
- Thomas Kaufmann, Managing Director Institute for Peak Performance
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This seminar is a true sensory expansion!
- M.K, outdoor trainer
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Practitioner training at Landsiedel NLP Training - an adventure journey into interpersonal relationships. The competent trainer is highly motivated to light the fire for NLP in his auditorium.
- Patrick Klose, management consultant
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During my Practitioner training I have met a very competent and authentic trainer, who is able to teach the material clearly structured and vividly, I am enthusiastic and will also be able to communicate work with NLP in the future. I can recommend everyone to attend this NLP Practitioner course.
- Uwe Sommerschuh, Sparkasse Hanau


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