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Content of NLP evening seminar: Successful Communication with NLP

In this seminar the training of your own communication skills is in the focus. Learn how you can use NLP to optimize your communication, body language and your self-confidence. NLP is highly suitable for daily use and some methods can already be implemented very quickly.

Contents of this evening seminar:

seminar picture
  • Get to know the backgrounds of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Learn about the basic principle of modeling of Excellence
  • Learn how to build a deep and trusting relationship with other
  • Intensify your perception in order to better communicate
  • Improve your communications through the concious use of your body
  • Learn how to see and treat other people individually
  • Use inner images to increase your self-motivation

Come to this evening seminar and learn the NLP basics!

Contents of NLP evening seminar: Live your dream!

In this motivating seminar, you and your future are in focus. It's about to get to know yourself better, to think again about your own goals, desires and dreams. The presented NLP methods, stories and suggestions will help you to live more of what you really want to live. Be our guest this evening and let yourself be inspired.

Contents of this evening seminar:

Group in the seminar
  • The power of vision
  • Set clear goals for your own future
  • How to make Powerful decisions
  • Design your own identity
  • Get out of the rat race - get into self-realization
  • NLP methods in Action

Come to this evening seminar and create your future!


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