English NLP Diploma Certification Training (INLPTA)

NLP is one of the most growing and most effective models in communication and short term coaching. Since over 35 years, NLP combines techniques, presuppositions and Skills to perform amazing results in communication, self-managment, soft skills, coaching or therapy. In professional life as well as in private, NLP can help to improve your performance, skills, happiness and life quality.
The 4 day training is designed to give you the first deep impression and the fundamentals of what NLP can be used in your life. Have you wondered, how effective NLP is and you wanted to try out a few of the best communication techniques? Or would you like to get fundamental knowledge and methods that help you to improve your life significantly? Then this seminar is ideal for you! The Training is designed to give you many opportunities to implement the learned content. After the topic is introduced, the participants have the chance to excercice in small groups, in order to apply the new communication skills instantly.
As the only NLP Institute in the german speaking part of Switzerland, we can over a great certified training in the English language. The certification is issued from the internationally known INLPTA, and Etienne Dubach is the single Swiss NLP Trainer issuing these certifications.

Content of the seminar

  • The History of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • The NLP Communication Model
    • The filters everyone has through which they perceive events
    • How we store and memorize our experiences
    • State management and how to change how you feel in seconds
  • Rapport: how to build and improve relationship skills
    • Matching & mirroring; how people like people who are like themselves
    • Pacing & leading; how to test whether you have built a successful relationship
    • Which language you use determines if other people understand you
  • Sensory Acuity
    • Fine tuning your senses to better understand the reactions of others (and yourself!)
  • The Feedback Model
    • How to give and receive feedback positively
  • Well-formed Outcomes and Goalsetting that works
  • An Introduction to Submodalities
    • Understanding how you (and others) think and how to change these thoughts to the better Language
    • The power of positive language: say what you want to happen, not what you don't!
    • Effectivly using language and language patterns to improve your communication
    • The Meta - Model: Effective questions to really know what other people think
    • The essentials of negotiating
    • Presuppositions: words that create mindsets
    • Perception- or communication-types: how to recognize and influence them
  • Presuppositions of NLP
    • Keys to personal development
  • Basics of self-management and mental training
  • Kinaesthetic anchoring
    • How to "store" your resources (eg. confidence, happiness, calm) and
      then regenerate the appropriate resource whenever it is needed
  • An introduction to Timelines
    • Discover how you personally structure time, and how to place a clear goal in your future

   ... and much more that raises the value of the seminar even more.



Worldwide Certificate «NLP Diploma» from the International NLP Trainer Association (INLPTA) in high standard NLP Training.
The INLPTA Diploma Certificate is included in the seminar fee.

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