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Free NLP Email Training

Go for it, it‘s free! Free NLP exercises and information. This is a service provided by us for you. We offer a free NLP e-mail training.
NLP can help you in all areas in which special communicative knowledge is in demand to accomplish your goals.

  • NLP supplies you with the tools for anexcellent communication
  • NLP contains a rich variety of communication techniques
  • NLP is an extremely effective method of goal-directed and resource-oriented behaviour.
  • NLP is the art of shaping your thinking, your states and your future autonomously in order to achieve success

Originally, this training program was made for the participants of my training groups - for refreshment, application and repetition in between the training. However, as time flew by, it became more and more obvious that even the people without much prior nowledge could profit enormously from this program. Hence, it evolved into a little practical introduction to the field of neuro-linguistic programming. By now, we have enlarged the training so that it almost already represents a kind of distance learning course.

The NLP e-mail training contains 50 lessons. A lesson is sent to you automatically every week.

At the beginning you will find an inspiring quotation, on this a short introduction to the respective topic and instructions for small exercises in each lesson. In addition, the e-mail training contains a metaphor and a book recommendation suitably for the topic. if you want to get into one of the topics more deeply, selected links offer you more detailed information through means of additional texts, pictorial material and audio files.

In approximately every fifth lesson you can take part in a small testing on the Internet. The testings allow you to check your state of knowledge and to recognize possible gaps in order to fill them up.

In this training program we consciously kept the theory phases brief and comprehensible. NLP is all about actions!

Many small steps that you will go consciously, will lead you to your goals. Be aware that you have to take every single one of these steps seriously - so don‘t wait to carry out the lessons! Work on the lessons in the same week, in which you received them, and do not stop after the first week but continue every following week until the program is complete.