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What is NLP? - Alternative Meanings for NLP

As the name "Neuro Linguistic Programming“ keeps scaring NLP rookies away, many users have given the three letters new meanings, including New Life Perspectives, New Lively Practitioning, New Life Paths, Neuro Linguistic Process Work. Please do not confuse NLP with Natural Language Processing. That is another area.

NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a communication and motivation model, developed in the seventies in the USA. It was created by very successful psychotherapists performing an accurate analysis. In its present state of development it can be used in nearly every area of life including therapy, sales, leadership, partnership, interaction with children, school, etc. NLP combines verbal, behavioural, hypno-analytical and physical approaches with the result that our thinking, feeling and behaviour (Neuro) is systematically changed (Programmed) through language (Linguistic).