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What is important to you?
When I ask the participants in my seminars what the most important thing in their lives is, I get answers like: Happiness, success, love, health, recognition, contentment, trust, and so on. When we take a closer look, we see emotional states behind these values we aspire to. Most people do a lot of things to have good feelings. If that is so important, we really ought to have learnt at school how we can actively influence our feelings. Usually, we haven't. NLP teaches plenty of ways of positively influencing our emotional state and that of our fellow human beings.

Changing Feelings
Our behaviour depends on our state, which is affected both by our inner imagination and our physiology, i.e. you can change your state by imagining something else or by changing your physiology. If you shuffle around slowly in a depressed way, you'll eventually feel depressed. To feel enthusiastic and dynamic, move that way. Stand straight up, take a deep breath and tense your muscles to get yourself into an energetic state. Doing sport has the same function and the effect are long-lasting. Sometimes a change in breathing is sufficient to feel differently, e.g. when relaxing.

The Charlie Brown Technique Charlie Brown explains to his girlfriend Lucy: "If you want to feel depressed, let you head and shoulders hang. Stare at the ground and think gloomy thoughts. If you do that three times a day, you will have a good chance of becoming depressed." Give it a try straight away. Of course, you can also apply this principle the other way round Stand up straight with your feet a shoulder's width apart. Lift your arms, breathe deeply and say: "Today is a very special day! I love my life."