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Different Physiologies

In what we call the stuck state, we are stuck and blocked. We do not have access to our resources. Possible stuck states may be: Despondence, fear, shock, stress before an examination or a speech. We sometimes call this a physiology problem.

To get out of a stuck state, a separator is important. This interrupts the current state and we regain at least a neutral state, which then provides the basis for building up a resource state. A very natural separator can be to distract oneself, to do something else or go for a walk. During training or coaching we often request our client to think about something else by asking a "crazy" question to provide a distraction. In addition or alternatively we could invite the client to change their posture.

In the resource state, we are in full possession of our resources and positive energies. We feel richly blessed with everything we need for life. This is the best state in which to set goals, make decisions or discuss important issues. The more time we spend in this state, the better for our lives. In this state we feel strong and happy. We have freedom of choice and can shape the future. In consultations and coaching sessions, we meet other people who are in a stuck state. This forms the basis for a desire to change. The stuck state is interrupted and then, by adding resources, a positive state is created.

Which states would you like to have more often in your life?
Which states would you like to have less of?
What would that mean for the quality of your life?
What can you do to spend more time of your life in the desired state?