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The TOTE Model

T.O.T.E. stands for Test-Operate-Test-Exit. It is a basic structure of strategies.

The starting point is a specific actual state and the target is a certain desired state. We compare the actual and the desired state. If this test / comparison shows that the target has not yet been reached, we take this information as feedback and now make certain changes and improvements (operate). Next, we compare the result again with the desired state (test). When the goal is reached, this process is finished (exit). Again, if we find a difference, we operate and test again until the goal is reached. This model describes the basic structure of human learning in a simple way.

Example: Driving a nail into a wall with a hammer.

Someone has a hammer and a nail. The actual state is that he holds both in his hands. His goal is for the nail to hang on the wall. Therefore, he hits on the nail with the hammer (operate) and checks again whether the nail is now hanging on the wall (goal reached?). If this is the case, the loop takes its exit, if not, another operate phase is appended.