Working with Submodalities

Can you notice a difference? Are your feelings about this goal getting stronger? And now, as star director, add the finishing touches to these visions. Watch the scene from different angles. Change the speed, make it slower and then faster again. Remember which changes feel best for you. Work on this scene until you can hardly endure the strength of your own motivation and can't wait to make your goal a reality.
What you imagine is important, but what you do is also crucial. Big coloured pictures motivate most people more than small ones in black and white. These subtle differences within our senses are called submodalities in NLP. Find your favourite modalities and apply them to your dreams and goals.

Destruction of Inner Images

Sometimes you will want to get rid of an existing negative vision. First ask yourself whether you have really learnt everything there is to learn from this negative vision. It can sometimes be a good idea to keep a negative picture, if it reminds you of certain issues which are best not forgotten – it can help prevent you from making the same mistake twice.
So save everything that is important and then start to destroy the image you want to get rid of. Imagine the picture as if it was on a mirror and take a hammer, strike hard and smash the picture. Caution! This is a mental exercise – the smashing only takes place in your mind. Imagine the picture breaking into a thousand pieces. You have destroyed it! You can repeat this step if you want. You might find it's really fun smashing this picture that's been plaguing you. Then mentally collect the pieces and let them be completely squashed by a steam roller so that there's nothing at all left of this picture or its effects. This exercise sounds harmless but is very effective.

The modalities describe our five senses: See, hear, feel, smell and taste. Submodalities are the subunits of the senses, e.g. in the case of seeing, colour and size, and in the case of hearing, speed and volume. A change of these submodalities causes an increased or reduced quality of feeling. Therefore it is critical for the intensity of your feelings to work with these submodalities. Reinforce the effect of positive visions and weaken negative ones.