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Perception, Calibration and Rapport

Master communicators encounter their conversation partner in his experience of the world and are able to lead him based on that. Learn the art of deep trusting contact and leading the conversation through verbal and non-verbal communication.


In communication, we can only use the information that we receive. Therefore, we need to open our senses because a perception block prevents fluent communication.


In perception, it is not only important to pay attention to the general but also to attune to the other person. NLP,rejects the idea that body language can be clearly interpreted. Its meaning varies depending on the person and situation. Calibration is a new concept that puts emphasis on the individuality of people instead.

Rapport, Pacing and Leading

The key to good communication is trust. Most people lack good strategies to build mutual understanding for each other. NLP teaches a series of highly effective methods that help you build bridges between you and others and get closer to each other.

Exercises and suggestions

In this section, you can find a number of exercise proposals and suggestions to put your knowledge into practice.